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After Your Order

After your payment you will receive a confirmation email with the products you just purchased.
Please review this email and check if you purchased the products you want. We want to ensure that there are not any mistakes like sizes, colors or materials. To avoid any inconvenience.

After 1-5 days, depends on when the carrier will provide it to us, you will receive a second email with the tracking number of your order. Please keep in mind that if you purchase more than one products you may receive a tracking number for each of the products due to the different location of our warehouses. For example: product A may come from warehouse 1 and product B may come from warehouse 2. So we can not provide one single tracking number and you will receive two tracking numbers.

When you receive your stretchers we would be more than happy if you tag us on a post by mentioning us @alphapiercing. You will also receive a 15% discount code for your next order.

With best regards,
Alpha Piercing Team.